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Bel Air General Contractors

One thing worth noting about Bel Air is the amazing green belt that no other city can provide you with! Imagine running outside to play catch with your kids or walking your dog next to tall trees and beautiful grass galore. It might even feel like you're out for an exclusive stroll through one of those multimillion-dollar neighborhoods people always see on TV.

This is why it is a great investment to build a home in the Bel Air, CA area and turn it into a profitable investment.

General Contractor Services in Bel Air, CA

Let us help you make your dreams a reality.

When it comes to renovating or building your Bel Air home, you'll need a team of experts your can rely on. ED Remodeling Inc offers a full stack of general contractor services that can help you from planning down to completing your home improvement project.


Home Remodeling, Renovation & Repair Services

No matter how big or small. We help with home remodeling, renovation, and repairs to help you maintain and enjoy your Bel Air home for years.

With the combined years of experience, our home improvement specialists can help make your dream home projects into reality.


Kitchen Remodeling

Getting a kitchen remodeled takes time, planning, creativity. We help you navigate the intricacies of carrying out your kitchen remodeling or renovation plan.

Our Bel Air kitchen remodeling experts have a lot of experience, tools and skills to help you with your renovations. They can completely envision the whole kitchen makeover from start to finish as well as provide you with great advice on how to provide a homey space for your family.

Bathroom Renovation & Remodeling

If your bathroom is in need of some aesthetic fixing up, affected by water damage or you just need a complete bathroom overhaul, trust our bathroom remodeling experts with your renovation or remodel.

A quality remodel starts with sound construction principles and qualified plumbing services, and ED Remodeling Inc provides help for Bel Air homeowners with the service they need to complete their bathroom project.

Room Addition

There often isn't sufficient room for everything that needs to be done, and valuable space is getting unused. Additions allow us to use unexplored space, which is sitting empty - valuable property just waiting to be used!

Our room addition contractors in Bel Air, CA specialize in creating functional and aesthetic additions to homes by building onto existing structures.

Garage Conversions

If you are looking to convert your garage as a home office, a playroom for the kids, an exercise center, storage space, or a makeshift laundry room. When done correctly - with the right amount of natural light and ventilation – this space could even become a functional space.

Converting your garage can also increase the value of your Bel Air home. Unlike living spaces that tend to depreciate in value over time, real estate experts agree that converted garages' values only go up!

ADU Construction & Modification

Homeowners build ADUs to gain rental income from a second property. ADUs can bring in a regular stream of rental revenue year-round, generate more profit on a home sale.

Whether you need to build or remodel your accessory dwelling unit, hire Bel Air ADU team at E.D. Remodeling Inc to help you build a secondary property.

Commercial Remodeling & Repairs

A commercial remodel is a major project that requires the experience and skills of a construction professional. Working with just your property management staff will limit what you can do and how quickly it can be accomplished. That's why we're here to help manage your property to give you peace of mind and help maintain an investment property so you don't ever have to worry about unsightly, unprofitable aspects of your business.

When it comes to renovating or building your commercial space, ED Remodeling Inc can finish the job on time and within budget constraints.

Let us help you make your dreams a reality.
Tell us about your project today.

Bel Air, CA Homeowners and Businesses Can Trust
Our Team of Experts

We provide a comfortable and wonderful experience for our customers, with ED Remodeling as your remodeling contractor.


Renovating your house or commercial space doesn't have to be a stressful and time-consuming process that hinders your hectic schedule. We make each project a pleasant experience for our clients and ensure that the job is completed without any problems. Call us today at (626) 318-4171 for a free estimate!

“All of the workmanship was excellent and on schedule, I have recommended him to several of my friends and clients and will continue working with him on my next projects. I will use ED Home Improvement for all of my contractor needs..”

Ted Singer

“ED Remodeling Contractors are a forever favorite secret weapon...their professionalism, responsiveness & pricing can’t be beaten. They help us make (& keep) our clients happy & that in and of itself is priceless.”

Design Studio 55

“Thanks to EDRemodeling, our project manager, and his professional team who did an excellent job. and went above and beyond to ensure that we were completely satisfied. We are very pleased with the outcome, and would definitely recommend them”

Amelia Banks

"As an architect who has worked with several contractors in the past. Ehud is one of the most honest and hardworking individuals I have ever worked with. The quality of work, his dedication, and the finished work ahead of schedule is literally priceless"

Ken Stutes

Our Satisfied Remodeling Clients in Los Angeles 

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